Birthday Plans May Include Jousting

As we were walking to Justin’s car, I was kicking around a few ideas for what to do on the birthday this coming Sunday. Mainly, I was figuring on a relaxed, quiet evening… maybe just having some drinks with folks at the nearby Artful Dodger pub.

Justin mentions Medieval Times, a place I’ve been wanting to go ever since I moved here. In fact, when I used to work in Barrington (ugh!) and commuted out to the burbs each and every day, I’d pass by that place. There’s a Medieval Times right at the exit ramp off 90/94 on Roselle. On the days I drove to work, I literally drove by the joint.

Oof. And no wonder I haven’t gone there yet. $50 per person. Yikes. While I’d like to do that and wouldn’t have problems spending that kind of dough on myself (as a treat), that’s a hefty thing to ask friends to cough up. I’ll probably still throw it out there and see what the reaction is.

Gah! I’m looking at the site’s cheesy Flash images and I’m getting excited! There’s a Dungeons and Dragons nerdiness that’s coming out of this, as much as I want to disguise it as a "historical interest" thing.

Jousting! I mean, c’mon! Are you dead or something? Jousting!

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