This Thing Is Huge

I got home around 2:30 PM. Actually, it was one of those "gotta go to the bathroom so I’m going to pull up next to my door and throw on the hazards and run inside to the bathroom" sort of arrivals.

But as I was unloading my stuff and walking in… I noticed this rather large spider web, right below my neighbor’s front steps. After I got settled, I went back outside with my camera and shot a few pics. I tried knocking on their door to ask permission (plus, to meet them, since we haven’t formally spoken), but no luck.

I will admit that I read a great deal about spiders as a kid. But hopefully, this doesn’t come off as a I’m-a-nerd-who-loves-spiders thing, depsite the fact that I seem to be preoccupied with spiderwebs. Honestly, I’m as freaked out by spiders as the next guy.

I took these pictures mainly because the web was just huge.

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