Today Was Nice

I feel much more relaxed, having today off as a personal day. While I didn’t get much done around the house, I did go out and go shopping for my Halloween costume. It’s not an original one, but I think I’m giving this costume a pretty fun spin. I’ve got some more components to buy yet, as I need to stop by Office Depot and pick up a clipboard, and a name tag.

Sorry. Not gonna tell you. You’ll just have to wait and see the pics.

I know the blog hasn’t been all that exciting lately, and I haven’t really been putting as much time into it as I used to. Hopefully, this week will make it up to you. I’m planning on roaming around Logan Square this year, and doing what I did last year. Plus – I’m planning on heading out to the Foxes’ place, where they’re throwing a late Halloween party on Saturday. Their parties are always fun.

I cannot tell you how happy (and how relieved) I am, to be finally excited about Halloween again. Up until today, I’ve been in a sour mood, and not really caring one way or the other. I’m not sure exactly why I love Halloween as much as I do, but I’m happy that feeling is back.

All day today, I had some soup going (which I didn’t try until I got home, later in the evening). This morning, I got some additional ingredients from the grocery store and had my attempt at making some soup with my crock pot. I dug around for some recipes online, but ended up winging it and adding what I thought was appropriate (I was making a chicken and vegetable soup). Turned out ok, but didn’t really look like I expexted.

Hence no picture.

But I liked it, and thought it tasted good. I had the crock pot going since about 10 AM, and the entire apartment smelled wonderful. I need to use that thing more.

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