Renewing my Membership to the Geek Club

Alright. So lately, I’ve been playing a lot of UT2004. And more and more folks seem to have voice capabilities, where they’re talking or yelling out directions or whatnot. And I think it’s cool.

A few days ago, Flak and I played a few games and I heard her voice (and quite the lovely voice it is) for the first time . Yesterday, she played with TS7 and Mr. Grumpy – turns out TS7 had a headset as well. Mr. Grumpy and I were talking yesterday, and we both expressed interest in getting headsets.

Which brings me to today:

The way I see it, I’m about two steps shy of where those people who dress up in full Star Trek regalia are. I’m closer to that point than I’ve ever been.

The sad thing – I haven’t gotten the audio to work properly yet. I played a few rounds with TS7, but didn’t have the proper communication buttons set up.

The audio part of online game seems really cool. And I’m sure that the more I play/talk, the more I’ll like it. One thing I’m happy about… I’m glad I can’t see myself. Because as much fun as they might be, my feeling is that they look nothing short of dorky.

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