It’s 1:59AM. Earlier tonight, after charging up my iPod, I tried to get all my music onto the thing. As it turns out, I’ve got a LaCie portable drive that I carry with me everywhere, that has pretty much my life on it (work files, poems, music).

Each time I tried to copy my music over (from my portable drive into the iPod), my drive would fritz out. To top things off, I ended up having to muck around with some bus controller dealie that oversaw my firewire. Turns out something wasn’t working right, and either my drive or my computer couldn’t handle transferring files from portable drive to iPod.

So instead, I’ve reset my iTunes folder and copied all my music to the C: drive. From there, I’m now updating my iPod. A bit slow and probably not the right way to do it, but my music’s getting on the thing.

It’s now 2:04 AM.

I did this to myself.

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