La Santisima Muerte

Came across this parked right on North and Wood. Not sure what it was all about, but snapped a few pics. On walking by, it looked at first glance like a regular ambulance.

But on closer inspection, all the skulls sort of gave it away.

Odd vehicles sure do enjoy parking in this spot.

As far as I can tell, this is an actual vehicle (although I haven’t been able to track down any official church or building in Chicago just yet).

A cursory search through Google describes La Santisima Muerte as a “saint” from Mexico that was banned by the Catholic Church.

If anyone else knows more about this, I’d love to hear details.

As far as I can make out, the text on the left is “Don’t Fear Where You’re Going.” The text on the right… I’m not positive on. “You must die where you… something.” End? I can’t seem to track down what the word “dedes” means. I don’t know if it’s the second person of a verb (deder? dedir?), or if it’s something else.

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  1. i think it means deves.. like Que De Morir donde deves.. Where u belong to die..

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