Another Long Day

Got out of work near 6PM or so. Chris and I took the Blue Line, and met up with Will for dinner. Grabbed a slice at Santullo’s, and the three of us wandered around a bit… heading over to Reckless. I dug around some, and came across a DVD of The World According to Garp, for about $8. I loved that book as a kid, and am still a really big fan of John Irving.

Found this guy right outside the store.

The three of us made our way to Pontiac for a quick drink or two. The whole time, Chris and I were pushing at the edges of fatigue. I was constantly in between states, unsure whether I wanted to collapse and sleep, or whether I wanted to keep myself going to see how much longer I could stay awake.

On the way home, I was taken by the perfect shadow.

Ran into the boys from the neighborhood again, and hung out with them a bit. I let them listen to my iPod again, and they sort of traded the earpieces around, and danced. I introduced myself again to them, and found out their names (oldest to youngest, it’s Justin, Joshua, and Adam).

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