More Wandering

I love finding weird stencil art. Not sure what this is about, but any Flash designer worth their salt sees this arrow and nods a bit inside.

It doesn’t seem possible, really. It’s only two words. But whoever did this fucked them BOTH up.

I weep for our future.

Spotted this door underneath the Blue Line, Wicker Park. The rest of these photos are closer to my stomping grounds, all along Damen, slightly south of the trisection.

Streetlight, North/Damen/Milwaukee trisection.

These look to me like work by RUOK. At least, that’s my sense of who’s behind these designs. They seem very consistent – thick black outline strokes, and a white interior.

The more I looked, the more I started seeing these guys all over the place.

Drawn straight to the luchador, you almost miss the tiny figure underneath.

Air raid!

After this, I saw so many more that I couldn’t keep taking pictures, and gave up. Needless to say, RUOK’s been super busy near here, as these guys are just all over the place. Damen is well-covered.

Kite-eating tree, Wicker Park.

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