Cafe Iberico

After work, I met up with Abbey and her mom in the lobby of the Merchandise Mart. She was in town for a Lit Conference, and we had made plans to grab a bite to eat this evening. The three of us hopped a cab over to Cafe Iberico for some delicious tapas.

When we showed up, I was a bit worried as the front area looked pretty crowded (there were two big groups, blocking the entrance from the sidewalk). But, on walking up I learned there was no wait, and we were seated immediately.

Mmmmm. Tapas. I love this place.

In addition to some of the standard dishes I normally get, we got some monkfish and some paella. We all shared family style, and sampled a bit of everything.

Abbey and her mom. The three of us talked a lot about Chicago history, the architecture (and how I got to get on the roof of the Merchandise Mart), all the good eats in the city, a bit about Indianapolis (where Abbey and I are both from). Neat conversations.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Abbey, and it was enjoyable just to share a meal again and get caught up some.

By the end of the meal, we were all pretty stuffed and still had a ton of leftovers to take with us. On walking out of the restaurant, we literally had to push our way through all the people lined up at the front, waiting to be seated. I’m really glad we showed up right at 5:30 PM for dinner, as it got pretty crazy crowded around 7 PM.

The three of us chatted outside for a bit, while Abbey had a post-dinner smoke. Naturally, the topic of conversation drifted to cigarettes. The evening was cool, but not chilly. And it felt nice to be outside, full after a great meal, just enjoying the evening air and all the people and cars passing us by.

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