On the (different) way to work

Got a call this morning from Justin, asking to borrow my car so he could run some errands during the day (he’s currently working from home this week, trying to keep his head down and avoiding all distractions). Thankfully, the call woke my ass up, as I had gotten up, turned on the TV, and promptly fell asleep while watching the news.

I swung over by his place, and dropped off my car. En route to work, I snapped a few pics that I liked.

Small section of sidewalk, Winchester and Thomas.

I got fascinated by this area, as there was a construction site right here. I’m certain these symbols all mean something, but it was all the overlapping that made me thinking about art and about graffiti.

I stood here for a while, taking pictures and trying to look for the deeper meaning that I felt rested beneath the surface.

Which, I guess, is what most people do when they see art.

All these arrows must lead somewhere…

I like, too, how this area made me think about the passing of time, and how each person must have made his or her own symbol to convey a message to another. Which, I guess, is one definition of graffiti.

I’m a sucker for symmetry.

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