Valentine’s Day Dinner

I went over to Liz’s for a nice dinner at home. Walking in, the candles were set and the lights were low.

Her place has a lot of spots for neat candle placement. It definitely changes the feel of her apartment.

Ah, dinner! Cornish hen that Liz prepared, along with some mashed potatoes, broccoli and wine. Tell me I didn’t totally luck out when I ran into her.

After dinner we had some chocolate that I had gotten from Artisan. It’s made by a local company: rr chocolats.

The flavors are very interesting, and at once surprising and refreshing. This wasn’t just good chocolate – this was us sitting down, splitting each piece and then us talking about the taste. Saying “it’s an experience” is super cheesy, but that’s what it felt like. We didn’t just eat the chocolate, we ended up discussing it, and comparing our reactions. Pretty fun, actually.

The flavors: mocha caramel, earl grey, raspberry, garden mint, chocolate, mango passion, basil, fennel-honey.

Surprisingly? The Earl Grey wasn’t too bad (that was Liz’s favorite). The mint wasn’t the kind of artificial mint I was expecting – it was more like an actual mint leaf. The flavors we thought would be bad and overpowering turned out to be pretty subtle; the stuff we thought would be muted turned out to have more of a kick.

Liz breaks out the mini torch for the Creme Brulée. I’ve been waiting almost a year to see this bad boy in action.

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