Thinking About Change

Lately, things have been going up and down for me. Everything’s great, and I have little to complain about. But lately, things seem to be in a constant state of fluctuation. There’s been a lot of unexpected shifts, a lot of sudden reversals.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the last two lines of a poem. I had the good fortune to be a student of Roger Mitchell’s, while I was an undergrad at Indiana University. One of my favorite poems of his is called “Four Hundredth Mile.” The last two lines of the poem absolutely take my breath away, each and every time I read it.

Those final lines speak to me about change, and about adversity. Those lines ring to me of wisdom, of perspective. They strike me as a good way to address the world, and any obstacles that might arise. I love how terribly positive it is, how terribly optimistic.

After a brief pause, when I re-read those final lines… they come off as a kind of challenge. It makes me think about how I approach adversity, and how I deal with change. I am, as Liz can attest, a very stubborn man sometimes. I like my ruts, I like my routines. When I read Mitchell’s poem, and in particular that final couplet… it makes me realize how easily I can rise above the stress and discord I encounter, if only I allowed myself to.

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  1. Speaking of change, did Liz completely change her appearance? Do you have more than one friend named Liz? I’m really confused. I don’t recognize her in the party pics.

    Cousin Ellen Reply

  2. Hi Ellen,Yeah felix has me, the girlfriend liz, short with blonde hair and a friend Liz who is taller with chin length curly brown hair. :)

    liz Reply

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