Guess What We Got Today?

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  1. so, if i read this right – the moral of the story is to make sure we don’t get *two* tables.

    ben Reply

  2. Back at my first internet startup, circa June 2000, we got 2 ping pong tables.Highlights were one of the sales guy coming in with white shorts and shirt, high white socks, and a white headband. He carried a ping pong paddle in a sleeve with an arm band. This guy was GOOD. He was fired two days later.About a month later, we discovered a new game. Volley-pong. Push the two tables together, 2 vs 2, and you are allowed one extra hit per side. This allowed for multiple smashes per game. On one of the smashes a guy on the other team dove to the left, straight through dry wall, and into the adjoining office suite.

    The ping pong tables were removed the next day, and the company went out of business 3 weeks later.

    TS7 Reply

  3. *looks down at monogrammed headband*

    *looks up at TS7*


    Felix Reply

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