Hopefully, Freud Won’t Slip

Liz told me about a Columbia College installation that took place last week: a fiberglass replica of Sigmund Freud, dangling off a steel beam, holding on with one arm. It’s by Czech artist David Cerny, and is officially titled Man Hanging Out. I was near the college today (600 S. Michigan), and got to see it in person.

This sculpture is part of Chicago’s Prague Days celebration, and was unveiled last Thursday evening. From what I got from Liz (and the gossip she overheard in the hallways), there were a ton of 911 calls later that night. Which then prompted the placement of this informational sign, on the ground floor.

Wish I had a shot from the other side, but I think this gives you a sense of what it looks like. It’s pretty high up, so it was a bit hard to get zoomed in. What I love most is Freud’s left hand, which is tucked non-chalantly into his pocket as though he was just… well, hanging out.

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