Serenity: Mal and the Operative

Today, Liz and I watched Joss Whedon’s Serenity (the movie based on the short-lived but much-loved TV show Firefly). I recently watched the entire first (and only) season. Actually, I watched it all, twice.

Watching the movie was a nice way to see all the characters again, despite the fact that I think the TV episodes are much better than the movie. I’m a fan of Whedon’s writing, though I am only somewhat familiar with Buffy and, to a lesser extent, Angel. Huge huge fan of Firefly though.

Below, I ripped a small segment – a conversation between Mal and a character called the Operative. While the Operative is a new character introduced in the movie… I like how he’s more than just a regular ole bad guy. I like how aware he is, of his own actions. One of my favorite moments from the movie.

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