Playing the Player Piano

Lisa, inserting a song into the Player Piano. I can’t remember which one this was – Hungarian Rhapsody I think, but I forget exactly which one.

Lisa joked about how she used to do this all the time as a kid (they’ve had this home in Arkansas, ever since she was little). In addition to just turning on the Player Piano and letting it do its thing… you can also “pump” some pedals, and keep the thing going manually. The song in the video below was one Lisa used to play as a kid, trying to see if she could make it all the way through to the end (about 10 minutes in total). Like so:

As someone who grew up on Warner Bros. cartoons… I found the scene below a little surreal, and the background music all too appropriate.

I also kept waiting for something (like a vase or a bunch of plates) to break, suddenly.

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