Storm Damage, Logan Boulevard

Late this afternoon, a HUGE storm rolled through the Chicagoland area. Downtown, a bunch of us were outside on the street watching the creepy clouds roll on by at what looked to be staggering speeds.

I got a call from Liz a little later, after she had gotten trapped in a grocery store due to the downpour (she had ridden her scooter out, just before the storm kicked into gear).

When she got home after things died down, she went out and took a bunch of pics and video of the damage in our area. Trees EVERYWHERE. I added a few more pics of my own that I took (the next morning).

Not just in yards and the median, there were tons of felled trees blocking the actual sidestreets themselves.

All along the median on Logan Boulevard, it looked like this.

Some pretty crazy damage.

This is the top of a streetlamp that had snapped in half.

I’m not sure how damaged this car is, underneath all that.

Check out this size of this tree!

And you know what? Right next to it?

… was MY CAR. :|

View from the street.

This wasn’t just some big branch. This was the entire tree, totally knocked over.

And blown into the yard.

Gate damage, detail.

The base of the tree – absolutely shattered.

I am counting myself very, very, very lucky after seeing all of the damage – not just here, but all around.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and buy a lottery ticket.

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  1. jeebus. Our neighborhood didn’t have anywhere close to that kind of damage.Congratulations on the near miss. You have “acts of god” coverage on the car now yah?

    Liam Strain Reply

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