Indianapolis to Frankfort to Indianapolis

A big day of travel today. Bob (Liz’s step-dad) had some family coming in for their annual Christmas bowling get-together, in Frankfort. So this morning, Liz and I got into the car and headed back to Frankfort to meet up with them.

I was meeting a few folks for the first time, and felt a bit shy… so I didn’t really break out my camera all that much. Here’s a quick shot of the lanes.

It’s been a little while since I’ve bowled, but I didn’t end up doing too badly. I always seem to be either hot or cold, and never consistent. Sorta like how I am with billiards.

This shot is courtsey of Liz, who snuck my camera out while my back was turned.

First game, I did pretty well and bowled a 146. The next two, I barely got over 100. Like I said… hot and cold.

Right now, I’m reminded of two very distinctive bowling experiences. The first is quite possibly my worst bowling experience ever; the second is quite possibly my best bowling experience ever.

After the games, everyone exchanged gifts and milled around for a bit. After dropping Liz and Bob off at home… I then got in the car, and headed back to Indianapolis. As comfy and as tempting as it was to stay in Frankfort, I wanted to spend a bit more time back in Indy, with my family.

If you’re travelling by car, and have a portable mp3 player… I can’t recommend This American Life episodes strongly enough. The time just flies by. And it’ll be quite possibly the best radio program you’ve ever heard.

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