My Jury Duty Blog Photos – Possible Contempt of Court Citation

Ok. Uhm – wow.

So apparently, I was in violation of local laws when I took photos during my Jury Duty service, a few weeks back. I knew that I wasn’t allowed to photograph inside the courtroom, during an actual trial (which I didn’t do). But I didn’t realize that the corridors near the Jury Lounge and the Jury Lounge itself were off-limits.

I’ve gone back and removed the images that I think are in violation. Additionally, I also left a message with the number in the letter. It’s a Saturday today, and so of course no one is there. But I felt like I needed to call anyways, and just leave my info with them.

I’m calling first thing Monday AM. Yikes.

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  1. Oh my goodness! You’re one of the most law-abiding people I know! How did they find out? You’ve got a snitch! Obviously somebody contacted them about it. Good luck and I hope you don’t get in any trouble!!

    Layla Reply

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