Frankfort Fall Festival – Parade

Prior to the start, Tricia and Darryl got dressed to the nines (they were going to be marching with the other veterans, at the head of the parade).

Another photo session (they’re standing next to the tree that was planted for Audrey.

Veterans, leading the front of the parade.

An older military jeep. The woman in back was firing off blanks, which scared the crap out of me truth be told. It was so loud, everytime it went off I jumped a little.

Tricia and Darryl, walking in the parade.

Liz needs one of these sidecars for her scooters.

Another jeep with another very large gun.

Kids atop a fire engine.

It wasn’t the coolest vehicle, but you can’t help but love the Bookmobile.

This woman was part of the Frankfort German Society.

More kids atop another truck.

One of many high school marching bands.

This was a nice shot that turned out, as the line stopped right in front of me for a minute or two.

Liz, walking with Paige back to the house.

Frankfort Fall Festival – 2006
Frankfort Fall Festival – 2007

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