Jury Duty, Revisited

So nice… I get to do it twice!

Got this fun letter over the weekend. Interestingly, this time around I guess I only have to call once (as opposed to calling for an entire week). I figured one only has to do Jury Duty once a year at the max, but apparently not. Maybe I can get called repeatedly.

I do wonder if this blog is an automatic “goodbye,” in terms of serving though. I guess we’ll see. This second time around, I really want to avoid another possible Contempt of Court citation.

I Get Called for Jury Duty
Jury Duty: Security Check
Jury Duty: Jury Lounge
Jury Duty: Outside the Courtroom
Jury Duty: Questions
Jury Duty: The Selection Process
The Toothpick and the Goon Squad: Jury Duty Case Info Discovered
My Jury Duty Blog Photos – Possible Contempt of Court Citation
Bryan Odiamar Determines his Jury Duty Status

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  1. I’m sure the Illinois laws are different, but that is surprising. In Wisconsin you can only get called to serve once every 4 years I believe.

    Dustin Reply

  2. It was your first jury duty postings I stumbled upon when I was covering the Phil Spector murder trial last year. I was very impressed (and still am) with all the creativity that is expressed here. I especially liked the experiments link, and also reading about when you first met Liz and started dating. Those were wonderful posts to read.When I saw that you had taken photos inside the courthouse and had posted them, I was thinking, “Holy CARP! I hope the courthouse doesn’t find out about that!”Ever since, I do try to drop in on a regular basis to read the interesting things you blog about.

    Sprocket Reply

  3. It’s always neat to hear from folks I don’t know, and to learn how they stumbled across this site. I’m glad you found the Jury Duty posts, and I’m also glad you found enough to keep your interest, and to keep you coming back.And yeah, those courthouse photos. Probably not the smartest thing for me to have done. Looking over the possible Contempt of Court citation still brings about a little bit of that original anxiety I experienced, when the letter first showed up. Yeesh.

    avoision Reply

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