Robert Sapolsky – Documentary on Stress

I’ve mentioned Robert Sapolsky before, and just saw a post on BB about an upcoming documentary of his work/research.

I was so wowed by the original lecture, and cannot, cannot, CANNOT recommend this enough. It’s fascinating, eye-opening stuff and I’m reminded again to review my own attitudes and reactions to stress. The stories he tells (and the comparisons he highlights) about humans and animals are captivating… it’s surprising to see some of the very real and physical manifestations of what oftentimes are mostly psychological stressors (in humans).

The documentary premieres tonight (Wednesday – September 24, 2008) on PBS, and is entitled “Stress: Portrait of a Killer.” You can check your local PBS station for schedules.

// Edit: Dang, got my dates confused. Thought it aired tonight, but apparently this is a week old. Ah well. Sapolsky is still a great mind, and I seriously cannot say enough good things about his thoughts. Even if you’re busy (and maybe even especially if you’re busy, I would suggest tracking down his lecture and giving it a listen. Check my prior post for links to the audio.

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