Lunch is Served Up

Today the entire Design Team trekked over to Wow Bao. This was a celebratory group lunch, as TJ and Masha both had birthdays recently.

Unfortunately, the large conference room was taken up and there weren’t enough spaces kithcen. And so we improvised and pulled up chairs to the ping pong table. As we were eating, more than one person remarked how surprised they were that more people didn’t gather around the table like we did, for lunch.

In addition to us talking about Hannah Montana and Tori Amos, we had a good round of truly awful puns that had me laughing a good while.

Guess What We Got Today?
A Quick Game of Ping Pong
Felix vs. Phil: Pingmaster Tourney
The Pingmaster Trophy: Final Ping Pong Game

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  1. Don’t I feel like the scrooge for the large conf room steal!!!!

    jen Reply

  2. Best thing that could have happened! Don’t ask me how or why, but… food tastes better on the ping pong table.

    avoision Reply

  3. when i first saw this it looked like TJ was sitting in some sort of high-tech wheelchair ala stephen hawking.

    margaret Rooney Reply

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