Warm in Atlanta, Cold in Chicago

This is the view out of our bedroom window, here in Atlanta. While it was fairly warm the entire time we were here, it wasn’t (unfortunately) warm enough to go swimming.

Fast forward a few hours from now, and we’ll be back in Chicago… battling crazy cold weather. I ended up getting a cab for Liz, Tricia and the kids from the Logan stop back to our place. My car was more or less locked into place behind a wall of snow/ice, and temperatures outside were arctic and brutal.

Liz and I spent a good hour or so, unsuccessfully trying to dig Tricia’s car out of its spot near our house. Given the sharp incline of the street, it kept sliding in to the curb everytime we tried to move it out.

Eventually, we had to give up and called Darryl to drive over from their home in Merillville, IN because the car simply couldn’t be budged.

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