David Lee Roth Vocals + Songsmith: A Brilliant Idea, A Horrific Sound

So it’s of a benefit to document how all these pieces first came to be – which thing came at the start, which things followed.

To begin it all, an isolated version of David Lee Roth’s vocals from Running with the Devil emerged (here’s a direct link to the mp3).

So for a while, that particular link got passed around. And then someone had the briliant idea to create, naturally, a sound board for Diamond Dave’s vocals.

And then things were quiet for a while, until Microsoft announced its Songsmith application with a horrible, horrible promotional video. The overall gist of Songsmith is that users sing in to their computer’s microphone, and Songsmith automatically creates backing music in sync (and in tune) with the vocals.

And then, in a brilliant stroke of genius, MeFi member mrzarquon put DLR’s vocals through Microsoft’s Songsmith.

It’s the sonic equivalent of crossing the streams. It was simply never meant to be. The hybrid between these two worlds was an inspired idea, and a truly, truly awful result.


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  1. Nick and I were cracking up about this yesterday… god oh god this is painful to hear.

    TJ Mapes Reply

  2. Oh my goodness. This is amazing and horrific!

    Allison Reply

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