Vertical Cities: Limited Edition Letterpress Print by Allison

Early last December, Allison brought in prints of her lates project: Vertical Cities.

I had heard a bit about this project, as she had started skething things out over a year ago. It was exciting to see it realized, and in the Flesh… and I’ve been waiting for the chance to post the images here.

Of course, I bought a copy of my very own right away… and these are the pics I took. I held off posting on here because I wanted to include a link for anyone who might want to buy a copy of their own.

Earlier this week, I saw a Tweet from Allison saying that her Etsy store was in place. These photos have been sitting on my desktop for a while, in wait for today.

The overall size of the print is 12″ x 28″. It’s a limited run of 100, and letterpressed.

Top view, looking down. Here are more descriptions from Allison as to how the project began:

Broadly speaking, the idea came about from a long-term immersion in the sprawling horizontal cityscape of Dallas, along with a childhood fascination with skyscrapers. Reimagining public transportation on a vertical plane (local & express elevators in lieu of subways) was a really fun thing to plan out, in addition to trying to determine which places of business to include and where in the whole schema.

A closeup shot of the interior. The elevator travel system is such a fantastic little detail.

I’m so not doing this thing justice with these images. It’s difficult to get a sense of all the detail (and there’s a ton of it). But as you can probably tell from the glimpses, it’s an incredibly rich, imaginary place… made real.

I know that Allison’s working on her “official” site right now, so for now check out her Etsy page. There’s a bit more info on the project’s history, and some additional photos of the piece.

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  1. Allison, I have to say again, how much I love this picture. I could stare at it for an hour and then look once more and see something new.

    Can’t wait to frame it up! Where did you go for your framing btw?

    Liz Reply

  2. Aw, thanks Liz!! :) As for framing, I’m a cheapskate and usually get a custom assemble-your-own from one of the online picture frame places ( or – the latter in this case). I thought about going to Artists Frame Service on Clybourn… I’ve heard good things about them. I just cheaped out in the end!

    Allison Reply

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