News Anchors Dance During Commercial Breaks: WGN’s Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange’s Two Minute Drill

WGN-TV news anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have a little routine they do, during their first commercial break. What began as a 10 second dance morphed into a fully choreographed 2:40 routine.

Apparently, this happens each time they go on air, during the first commercial break. Hysterical.

[via Gapers Block and Chicago Tribune]

// Edit: This used to be Flash-only, on the Tribune’s site. Updated to point to the YouTube video.

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  1. i’m speechless.

    margaret Reply

  2. That is excellent. I am so glad to know that the news people really are nuts — but in a good way, like the rest of us.

    juliet Reply

  3. Too cool!I knew there was more than one reason I watched you guys even though I’ve been in Florida for years. Keep being fresh & different, we’ll keep watching!

    Glenda Diodene' Reply

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