Rabbits in Logan Square

Liz and I went out to eat at Lula’s a few days ago, where we happened to serendiptiously run into Chris and Leslie. I think the run of warm weather has everyone out and about a little more.

True with bunnies as it is with humans. On the walk home, we stopped by a house where we often seen a lot of rabbits just milling about, doing their thing. The house is maybe a half block in from the Logan/Milwaukee intersection, on the south side of Logan Boulevard.

We’ve seen rabbits here before (three at once, actually), and our suspicion is that these guys are actually pets that are let to roam around. There’s a bit of wire fencing to keeps them (or others?) from getting through the bottom of the gate surrounding the property.

Everytime we go by and see them, they largely ignore us – content to nibble on grass and poke around in the yard. I’ve wondered if tempting them with food would change their standoffish behaviour, but ultimately… I don’t know if I want to try to buy their love like that.

Given how much more yard space there is in Logan Square, it’s small wonder that we tend to see more rabbits. There’s another yard on the south side of Logan and Fairfield that tends to have a lot of bunnies, particularly over the summertime.

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  1. they are absolutely domestic rabbits…

    Anonymous Reply

  2. The Blvd. ones may be domesticated, but I’ve seen a couple of rabbits wintering on my block. One has been partial to my backyard. I’m not feeding it, but it sure has left a lot of rabbit pellets behind.Hopefully you also saw mattress bunny last fall http://mattressbunny.org/2008/10/20/homecoming-roots/

    Lynn Stevens Reply

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