Plants vs. Zombies: Ridiculously Addictive Tower Defense Game That I Simply Can’t Stop Playing

Ok – I’ve been sitting on this for almost a week now. I gave this game to Chris as part of his birthday gift, but couldn’t post it on the blog before then… for fear he’d download the game or buy it on his own.

All week, I’ve been itching to post about this, as I’ve totally gotten sucked into this game, 100%.

I first came across Plants vs. Zombies on Monday, and downloaded the trial. It’s free, but only lasts about an hour.

After playing a bit, the hour disappeared before I realized what happened. Next thing I knew, I was buying the game.

The price is a bit steep at $20, but I have to tell you: SO WORTH IT. Popcap is really, really good at what they do. They’re the ones who made games like Bejewelled and Bookworm. These guys know how to design games.

The overall premise is simple: zombies are trying to break into your house to eat your brains. To prevent that from happening, you use an arsenal of various plants to defend your home.

The early stages of the game are very straightforward, and do an excellent job of introducing you to both the gameplay and the overall premise of the game. As the levels increase, you encounter a greater variety of zombies (beyond the regular ones, you’ll come across zombies that pole vault over objects, zombies wearing tin buckets over their head as protection, etc).

With each new level, you’ll also gain a larger arsenal of flora to help you keep your home grounds safe from invasion.

The look and feel of the game is absolutely great. There’s a very comic-like feel to things, but the gameplay is incredibly addictive. I literally can’t stop playing. All told, I’ve probably put in at least 2 hours, and I haven’t even come close to getting bored yet (nor have I seen all the zombies/plants in the game).

What I find most interesting about this game is the timing/pacing of things. It’s sort of a tower defense game, but not really. There’s this wave that each level has, slow at the start, growing until it hits a rather frenetic pace, and then a slowing at the end. You experience tremendous satisfaction at completing a level, and roll right into the next screen/level effortlessly.

A really well-made game. I’m impressed by the design and gameplay behind the scenes, as much as I am addicted to playing the game itself.

Here’s a fun screenshot of my most recent level. See how things are getting a bit nutty? Near the top and bottom, on the right hand side, you can see two Zombonis about to appear. Based on that name alone, you can probably tell a lot about this game’s sense of humor.

Looking over this post, it’s like I’m a Popcap employee. I’m just quite fond of this game, and think you’d like it too. The download and trial version is free for the first hour. My guess is you’ll likely find yourself buying a copy, if you give it a whirl. Check out Plants vs. Zombies for more info.

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  1. PopCap is awesome. If you remember that Rocket Mania game from the WOT days Felix, that was them too.I played Heavy Weapon to death on the 360.

    Dustin Reply

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