Trail’s End Popcorn Sales Training Video, Featuring Justin Stephenson

I’m so excited to be posting this today! I’ve been sitting on this file for nearly a week now, and it’s been killing me. Get ready for a treat, because this particular post has been about 3+ years in the making.

A little backstory, first.

Where the Girl Scouts have their fundraising Cookies, the Boy Scouts have a little thing called Trail’s End Popcorn. To properly educate all the Scouts across the US as to how to sell, they created a training video.

Keep in mind that this was a nationally distributed training video. And it features none other than our very own Justin Stephenson!

I mentioned this fanastic traiing video a while ago, and in fact we had a little screening in Rey’s old office, back when we were working inside the Merchandise Mart. Can’t believe that screening was from 2006, and it’s taken me nearly 3 years to get this video from tape to QuickTime.

Last weekend I had a mini VHS to Digital conversion setup in the office, and was able to get Justin’s tape into electronic format. We’re going to have a screening of old videos today in the office, around lunchtime. I’ll also be showing off my Linkits commercial, as well as the racially questionable commercial my family did, entitled The Stir Fry Experts. SO excited.

And now, without further ado, I present to you: How to Sell Trail’s End Popcorn, with Justin and Casey.

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  1. I still can’t get over the fact that they refer to corn as “popcorn plants”

    margaret Reply

  2. “i sold enough to get this basketball!”

    ben Reply

  3. I think I enjoy Casey’s awkward turn back to the camera in the opening sequence the best. To bad we’ll never know who sold more popcorn.

    Dustin Reply

  4. This is…magnificent.Since popcorn is the state snack of Illinois, that kinda makes Justin the state snack advocate of Illinois. Dear Justin: Great job, you popcorn-advocating, jean jacket-wearing, basketball shot-making, superstar.

    JVO Reply

  5. thank you for your blog felix.

    peabe Reply

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