Lunch with Liz, Fountain at the Art Institute

Yesterday, Liz and I went out for a lunch near the fountain by the Art Institute. We were able to sit in the same area where I proposed marriage, which is always nice.

I like these lunches, as I always tend to follow the same pattern. I get nervous and worried about time, when we first set off. I normally eat lunch at my desk, and taking an actual full lunch feels a little odd to me.

But when we arrive at the fountain and we settle in, I forget about the workday and all its demands. I relax a bit, and the trees and the water take over.

I’ve said it before: this is a great little spot, and I’m always surprised there aren’t more people here during lunch hours. Come by and have a sandwich, read a book, or just people watch for a bit.

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  1. Damn, living in Wisconsin, I forget how lovely the grounds are at the Art Institute! And there isn’t a nicer spot in Chicago. I also really love the grand staircase during the holidays–my friend Dorriss playing her harp. Oh, those were the days. Next year my nephew will be in grad school at the Art Insitute and my neighbor is a professor there and says he’ll take me for a visit–and the first place I’m going to is the fountain (to hell with the kid).

    Kelly Reply

  2. I love your lunches together! How did you not melt though??? I’m melting!!

    Marty J. Reply

  3. It was nice and breezy over there with the water and the shade.

    Liz Reply

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