The Wire: I’m Officially Hooked

A week or so ago, I rented two DVD’s of The Wire, Season 1.

Tonight, Liz was off on her bachelorette party, and I stayed in by myself at the apartment. We’ve been doing wedding related stuff for the past three or four days now, and it’s honestly felt like a nonstop, continuous day for some time now.

Tonight, I got some take out and settled on the couch with six additional episodes of The Wire. I was planning to watch a lot, but I got through the third and fourth DVD’s one right after another.

I’m a bit worried that I’m going to get sucked in to this, in the same manner I was sucked in to West Wing. I’m going through the same binging process, and it’s both a good and a bad thing.

Two more episodes, and I can finish off Season One. And then figure out how I’m going to get Season 2 – maybe on Liz’s iPod, so that I can watch them on our plane ride to Europe. Hm…

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  1. You’re gonna need to be sleeping on that plane ride if you want to overcome the time change, mister. :)Wire on the way home?

    Liz Reply

  2. The Wire is absolutely the best show I’ve ever seen. Unlike the West Wing, each season stands alone with minor crossovers so it’s got even more hook potential.I prefer the binging process over catching episodes here and there. You can really get into the mind of the characters and the scriptwriters/directors to understand the build-up. It starts reading like a book instead of choppy tidbits. So far, I’ve been a victim to 24, Rescue Me, Sopranos, The Wire, West Wing, Dexter, and now True Blood.

    Akshay Kapur Reply

  3. Oh man, we started watching The Wire because everyone kept saying how awesome it was, and I so did not get into it, but A.P. did, so I agreed to continue watching it with him, hoping I would get more into it as time passed. But then he put off watching the second disc for something like a month, and when we went to go watch it, I had no idea what was going on. He keeps saying he’s going to put them back on our queue, but he hasn’t. Perhaps this will act as motivation. : O )

    Marty J. Reply

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