Axe Cop: Hysterical Comic Written by a 5 Year Old, Illustrated by His 29 Year Old Brother

Axe Cop
is a web comic about… well, a cop and his axe. It’s also about his partner, Flute Cop. Although Flute Cop eventually turns in to Dinosaur Soldier, and then later turns into Uni-Avocado Solder. It’s a bit complicated.

The storyline is created and written by Malachai Nicolle, who is 5 years old. The artwork is superbly drawn by his brother, Ethan Nicolle, who is 29 years old. You can find out more about their collaboration, and the origins of Axe Cop here.

I haven’t laughed this much at something online in a long, long time. I’m talking serious, gut-clutching belly laughs here, folks. This comic is absolute gold. I have more to say, but we’ll continue later. Psydrozon is outside!

[via MetaFilter]

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