New Apartment, Day 1

We’ve been busy doing laundry and getting boxes unpacked. Our first full day at the new apartment, we focused on the bedroom and office, getting our clothes cleaned and stored away in closets.

We’ve actually got a ton of closet space here, which is a rare thing to me in Chicago. Lots of closet space, and our landlord also put up a ton of great shelving within each closet. I’m fairly certain we’ll use almost all of the space, but it’s lovely to be able to store things without cramming them in.

Lots of books and boxes in the dining room area, along with the cages for the bunnies.

The new kitchen! We’ve got new appliances all around, but since we had the microwave and stove blocked off… we ordered pizza instead.

Who am I kidding – I found out the oven was blocked after I ordered the pizza.

Oh, and is it wrong to be excited to own a dishwasher? Because I’m pretty excited to own a dishwasher. I only remember ever doing dishes by hand, so this is quite the novelty for me.

Living room area. We more or less just plop down on the couch after the day is done, and zone out in front of the television for an hour or so. We got through a ton of boxes, but it seems like we have so many more to go through…

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  1. Your apartment looks like it’s going to be GREAT! Can’t wait to bring over a housewarming gift.

    Ben Reply

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