Work, Paint, Rest, Repeat

So we have fair amount to do yet, at the old apartment. We have four rooms that need to be painted: the sunroom, the bedroom, the office, and the dining room.

Liz, working on the bedroom.

So we’ve got until 4/1 to do this all. Sorta. Because so far, we haven’t yet found someone who wants to take the apartment for April. If we don’t find someone before 4/1, great – more time for painting. But the downside is that we end up potentially losing out on a month of rent (we had to break our lease to move in to the new place).

Last night, after work, we went straight to the old place and got the paint going. We worked until about 9:30 and called it a night. We’re planning, tentatively, to do the same thing for the next few days.

As you can probably tell, we only ever got around to painting one wall. Ah well. At least we had primer already up!

New Chairs in the Sunroom
New Office
Painting the Dining Room

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