Egg Umbrellas

On arriving downtown for work yesterday, Liz and I spotted two girls who were walking in front of us. One girl started to open an umbrella (even though the day was pretty clear). Soon after, the other girl also opened her umbrella – same large size, and also designed to look like an egg.

We were walking behind them for a while, and when the light happened to change at Wabash and Jackson… I had an opportunity to talk with the two girls.

Edit: I just realized that I tend to meet interesting people at this exact location. Weird.

The two girls seemed pretty amused that I wanted to take their photo, but posed as though they’ve been asked many times before. In speaking with them, I asked where they got the umbrellas and learned they were hand made for a class. I believe they were both made by the girl on the right, but it’s possible each girl made her own.

I asked if the work was available online somewhere, but didn’t get a name or URL or anything. I’d love to link back to these girls somehow but these pics will just have to do, I guess.

Yesterday was a good day for unusual stuff.

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