Tom Scott and Matt Gray: Breaking the News

Sometime funny man Tom Scott and friend Matt Gray set out on a fairly unique (and funny) contest: to get in the background of as many live television broadcasts as possible on during Budget Day, 2009.

Tom was on foot with an Oyster card, enabling him to travel via the Underground; Matt had a Ford Fiesta. Both were in contact with a command center in York, where friends were monitoring all the TV stations and providing instructions on where to go to get into frame.

Despite the video clocking in at 12 minutes, this was incredibly entertaining to watch. I had a few genuine LOLs (the bus scene was my favorite), and the two strike me as really good friends, out having a blast poking fun at the news.

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  1. Thanks for giving me something funny to watch as I ate my lunch at my desk today. Good stuff!

    Matt Reply

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