Burrito Bison: Silly And Addictive Flash Game

Burrito Bison
is a ridiculously, ridiculously addictive Flash game in the “Launch” genre.

The premise is pretty basic: you’re a luchador with a bison mask who, while innocently shopping for groceries, gets mysteriously sucked into Candyland to serve as a captive gladiator for an entire civilization of gummy bears. Your goal is to escape.

To play, you launch yourself out of the ring. As you descend, you’ll land on gummy bears… which then propel you back up. Over time, you eventually lose height and momentum, and crash to the ground. Then it’s back to the ring, for you to try everything all over again.

Oh, and the one control you have in the game is your rocket underpants. Hit the spacebar (or click the mouse) while in flight, and you’ll slam straight down. This took me a bit to get used to, but once I understood what was happening… I began to progress a lot faster.

What makes the game so deceptively addictive is the upgrade menu. As you play, you receive coins which you can then use to improve your abilities. In order to escape Candyland, you’ve also got to break through several doors – which require you to maintain a certain speed and height throughout the game.

I spent a lot of time playing this game. At each turn, I’d finish a run and then be tempted to quit… only to then purchase an upgrade and say to myself Well, just one more time. This went on for an hour, easy. This is a really fun and really well made game. Just don’t play it if you have anywhere specific to be, anytime soon.

I have a hunch, given the look and style of this game, that Bryan would totally love this.

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