Kiva Ford: Artistic and Scientific Glassblower

Kiva Ford is a scientific glass-maker by day, and an artistic glass-maker by night. And since he’s also able to juggle flaming sticks (he used to be a professional juggler), he’s pretty much awesome all day long.

The objects are beautifully made, and the whole mini-doc is beautifully shot. If you’d like to learn more about Ford and his work, there’s some more info here.

I had no idea Etsy had created so many of these spotlight videos. Amazing.

[via Ektopia]

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  1. What a coincidence to see you mention Kiva Ford! I just bought some of his miniature vases last week and still need to go pick them up from the post office. I haven’t seen this video yet (or any press on him in general), so I am looking forward to watching it!

    Allison Reply

  2. I really loved the video and thought it was exceptionally well done (to say nothing about Ford and his insane talent). Awesome that you also happened to be buying some of his stuff. I feel like we just ran into one another at the store!

    avoision Reply

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