The Making of an Hourglass

Not sure if it’s the music or the slow motion, or a little of both… but I find this video calming and a little mesmerizing. Created by Marc Newson for Ikepod, these pieces look incredibly lush. I have no practical use for either the 10 or 60 minute hourglasses, but I’d still like one.

Much like the Kiva Ford video, I’m amazed by some of the machines used in this type of work. They seem incredibly large and incredibly specific to their tasks.

These hourglasses are the perfect gifts for the super villain in your family, or for anyone you know who enjoys making passive-aggressive ultimatums. Or, if you just happen to have an extra €9500 lying around.

[via MetaFilter]

Kiva Ford: Artistic And Scientific Glassblower
Odd Reflection, Caused By A Unique Confluence Of Glass And Light

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