Cabinet Work in Frankfort, Continued

Last Sunday, I went down to Frankfort to hang out with Bob and to do a little woodworking. Or, to be more specific… I helped out while Bob did a little woodworking. It’s always fun to tackle projects with Bob, and while I may still not know a lot… my hope is to glean as much as I can, watching him go through his process.

We spent the day working on adding a top and base to an old cabinet that we had started work on, last year. This was a project that had been sitting on the sidelines for a while and this weekend was when it got picked back up.

As we went into his shop, Bob found a super old… I’m not even sure what to call this. Nail? It’s unlike the square nail I found last time and according to Bob, this guy was pretty old (at least 100 years). His guess was that it came from the house. Inside his workshop, Bob found me the object’s modern day equivalent.

Some of the router bits we used.

Something about al these bits in this box, along with the color, made me want to photograph it. For some reason, it looked like a box of candy to me.

Some quick calculations. Another fun thing about working with Bob is the realization that your materials can also be your writing surface. You can take notes pretty much anywhere!

Ruler, closeup.

Bob installing the base.

A peek at the top.

Another view of the top.

The finished cabinet. There’s a bit more to be done yet, as the glass in one of the doors needs to be replaced. It’ll also get a new coat of paint, but after that… this guy will end up on the front porch.

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