El Camino Del Rey: The World’s Most Dangerous Walkway

El Camino del Rey
runs along a gorge in El Chorro, Spain. And it is, in a word: terrifying.

The official name of the walkway is El Caminito del Rey, which roughly translates to “The King’s little pathway.” Much of the path has fallen into disrepair, and at several points… there’s literally no path to speak of. Add to the mix the insane heights, and this is not an undertaking for those with acrophobia.

There is so much about this that makes my stomach lurch. I doubt I could get very far on this trek, as there are (several) points where the walkway looks to be disintegrating. Never before have concrete and steel looked so flimsy and insufficient.

Here’s a lengthy walkthrough of the path. I believe there are some safety mechanisms (ropes to hold onto, and places you can hook into)… but watching this makes my palms sweat.

If you’re really brave, I’d recommend watching this full-screen.

[via @bit101 and Open Culture]

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  1. I got an email from Mike, who runs his own travel site/blog. He’s got a pretty great recap of his experiences, complete with ridiculously scary photos.

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