Christmas Eve in Frankfort

To celebrate Christmas, Liz and I headed down to Frankfort to visit her folks. We went a day early, and ended up spending the night there – spending both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them.

On arriving, as it got dark, Julie began to light candles to decorate the steps and walkway near the house.

Lots of jars and candles – the effect was quite spectacular, and looked like it was spilling from the main entrance across the sidewalk.

Inside, Liz and I sat down to a nice meal with Julie and Bob.

Shortly after dinner, we put on our coats and walked down the street to St. Peter’s church, to attend the 6:30 PM service.

It was a nice experience, as the neighborhod was semi-dark, with the church lit in the distance. This photo shows more light than there actually was.

Outside St. Peter’s, about to step in. As we were nearing the entrance, we came upon a few other folks doing the same thing – walking from their homes, to church. It was a short walk for us, but it was a nice feeling to have on Christmas eve – a quiet neighborhood, a church where people gathered.

A quick view of the interior of the church. Given the outside, you’d imagine the church to be a bit bigger. But on the inside, it’s quite compact and very intimate.

A closer view, from where we were sitting.

Liz took me up to the balcony area after the service (where there was more seating).

Walking back home and arriving at the house.

Liz, posing on the front porch.

When it’s Christmas time, everyone gets into the spirit of things.

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  1. Looking at your pictures I see some ideas for a Christmas card next year. I like the one with Liz on the front porch. Nice job Feliz, as always.

    Mom Reply

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