Photoshoot at the Lurie Garden

Late last week, Liz and I headed out on our lunch breaks to do a photoshoot for her latest project. Over the holidays (in addition to painting the living room and other miscellaneous projects) she was finishing up several almost-done sewing items. She recently completed a navy pleated skirt and since the weather was fairly warm on Friday… we headed towards Millenium Park.

It’s always a challenge, whenever we go on these photo shoots, to find a good spot. I don’t think many of our photoshoots make it onto my blog here, but whenever Liz has a finished project she wants to blog about… we like finding some specific location to take pictures (either near work, or near our apartment).

In the past, we’ve gone to a nearby El stop, used our laundry room, been to the Garfield Park Conservatory a few times, and hit the bridge near the Modern Wing of the Art Institute (close to where we got engaged).

On Friday, we returned to an area of Millenium Park called the Lurie Garden. I’m sure Liz is going to post up a more thorough review of her project, but I wanted to include a few shots because the garden was a really fun place to go. It’s very close to our respective workplaces, and was quite lovely even in the middle of winter.

We were quite lucky to have a fairly clear sky, with a ton of sunshine coming down on us the whole time.

I got really lucky a few times, during this photoshoot. This is one of my favorite images from the afternoon.

There was a nice contrast between the plants in the main area and the groves that lined the perimeter. On looking at the garden’s website, I was surprised to see all the detail regarding the plant life in the garden.

Liz looking across the garden.

A detail shot of one of the plants. On closer inspection, I’m wondering if this is common eulalia grass.

Liz, with the Chicago skyline behind her.

Another shot where I got really lucky with some favorable light, and another of my favorite images from our lunchtime photoshoot.

Liz And The Lady Grey Coat: Finished Photos

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