The Low Anthem: Cage the Songbird

I keep getting drawn back to The Low Anthem and their fantastic album, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. So many songs that I could loop, over and over.

Could. Like I haven’t been doing this for a few weeks now. I’m not sure why this is, I’m drawn to a particular stanza from the song:

And the street lamp will be tethered to her station,
as the poor man is tethered to the flesh.
The wise man will be tethered to his wisdom,
as the mother is tethered to her creche.

I like the use of the word creche. It’s a word you don’t see often, and the fact that it’s being used as a rhyme to flesh seems incredibly appropriate. On top of the words, the way this song builds and ebbs makes me think of a slow nursery rhyme, which is also seems very fitting.

I spent a lot of time looking around for videos of this song, online. Here is another concert recording of the same song. The video is pretty crisp and sharp, and the only downfall is the chattering of the audience (annoying, but the singer’s voice is pretty solid).

Random thing I noticed: this song is in the key of F. On the recorded album, the first two notes are an octave apart with the first note sung normally and the second sung as a falsetto. On the official, recorded version… the first two notes are “F.” But in nearly all the online videos I’ve seen, where the group is performing live, the same key is used but everything’s shifted up – with the first two notes being “B flat.”

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