The Bunny Rabbits of Logan Square

On Friday, Liz and I took a stroll down the boulevard and walked to Provenance. We wanted to get out and enjoy the nice weather, and to pick up a bottle of wine.

It’s a short trek from our place to California and Logan, and en route… we saw a ton of bunny rabbits. Literally one per block.

Not a block from our house, we spotted this little guy. He dashed across the sidewalk and started chomping away in a nearby yard. He was pretty well hidden from people walking by, but was super super tiny (about 1/4 the size of our rabbits).

I’ll admit, his size was a bit unnerving. Seeing him foraging was like seeing a 12 year old, panhandling downtown. It seems wrong for someone so young to be on their own, and you kind of want to swoop in and take care of them.

The next block we spotted this guy, lazily eating grass in plain view. No cover, nothing to hide behind… not even a gate between the yard and the sidewalk – just him munching away.

There were a few folks with dogs who walked by, and this guy was totally unphased. I walked up to him, and the most he did was back away maybe half a foot. Then he went right back to eating grass.

Another block, another rabbit. Seeing all these bunnies makes me feel like I’m way far away from the city (even though I’m not). Gotta love Logan Square.

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  1. I was visiting Chicago last week and went to the Lincoln Park Zoo with the wife and kids. We saw 2 rabbits in the outdoor primate enclosures, one right next to the jaguar pen, and 2 more running through the duck pond. I asked a zookeeper about it and she said they have lots of food and few natural predators so… they multiply. Wonder if/when we’ll start to see rabbits running down Michigan Ave.

    Jp Reply

    • I like the idea of a rabbit, inside a zoo, as an animal with no predators. I guess zoos are technically safe places, depending on which side of the glass you’re on.

      avoision Reply

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