Vintage Garage

I can’t recall when we first heard about Vintage Garage – but Liz and I missed the first event. Luckily, we found out about another event on Sunday… and were right there, when the doors opened at 9:00 AM.

The premise is pretty cool – an actual parking garage is taken over, and serves as the actual event grounds. In many cases, folks had their cars pulled up right next to their booths.

This cool-looking trailer, parked outside the garage proper, houses Silver Tin Vintage – a collaboration between Dethrose Vintage and Jen Style Chic.

Also nearby – the Babycakes food truck. I wasn’t hungry at the time, but looking at their site now… man! Really should have stopped by to get some pancakes.

Outside, Liz and I were chatting briefly with Robyn (from Take 2 Vintage) as we were waiting for doors to open. I was able to get a small glimpse of the inside, from the sidewalk.

Vendors, setting up along the inside. Looking at this now, I’m curious how most folks dealt with the incline.

Surprisingly, type was everywhere. Lots of letters and lettering, all over the place.

// Edit: The photo above is from the booth belonging to SB Seccurro.

10 shots for 1 cent.

A gorgeous looking gun game.

Spotted a small box of old photographs. I was tempted to try to buy the entire set, but realized I’ve got more than enough old photos already sitting around the house. I passed this booth by a few times, and refrained from asking.

A cool, older copy (second edition) of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

Above two photos feature items from Richard Shunick Antiques.

Antique zither. I really wish I had a use for this.

Best. Phone. Ever.

I found out that this belonged to the vendor’s mother, and she acquired it as a gift from some business associate. Apparently, the phone works… and the’res a cord in the base that plugs into any standard phone jack.

I would totaly make more phone calls, if I had this in my house. And… an actual landline.

Slightly askew.

It doesn’t look that comfortable, but that is one large shoe chair. Assuming that there’s another one of these somewhere, that completes the pair. I was considering buying it, but will be waiting for the other shoe price to drop.

Spotted a booth with some really awesome, old-school toys – a Millenium Falcon, and two X-Wing fighers.

If I still ate my lunch in a large cafeteria during the week, I would have totally gotten this guy.

Tons of old Masters of the Universe toys.

Above images are from Casey, who gave me two contact names on ebay: caseytoystore and Sgtjarhead97 (I tried without luck to track down links based on seller/usernames on ebay, but couldn’t figure it out).

Some very interesting-looking, older board games. Not sure what the Mickey Mouse thing is – some kind of pre-Lego thing?

Erotica, $10.

Two vendors, hanging out.

I believe this is used by stenographers.

I asked, but can’t remember what this thing is used for. I think the vendor said it was some kind of defractor?

In case you’re a super villain intent of world domination, that thing you’re missing to finally build your ultimate thing machine? It’s for sale here.

The Take 2 Vintage booth.

A fun combo: a hobby book of electricity, paired with a sweet looking Heathkit Jr. elecronics set.

The decision to pair the Columbo board game with the Manhunt board game was inspired. The only thing missing here is a version of Stop Thief.

Nearby, the lovely booth of Jet Set Vintage. We talked briefly about being in the share, and the art of collecting (and pricing) beer cans.

Keeping the lights on, inside.

At the top of the first level, a gorgeous display of restored Schwinn bicycles from Mike’s Bikes.

At Onomatopoeia, I spotted a pair of old projectors (that didn’t look at that old, honestly). Seeing these was dangerous, as I would love an old projector… but that would lead me to look for old, found film reels, and that’s just dangerous. I’m trying to curb the old photograph impulse, and collecting old films sounds just as fun.

How many Mickey Mouse board games are there out there?

More type!

Here I was taking a break – sitting on the curb and watching folks drift by.

As we were leaving, we ran into Leilani from Thriftaholic. She was actually working for the folks running the event, and was walking around getting shots of both the vendors and buyers (with their stuff).

Liz had just gotten some fabric, and agreed to pose for a photo. Small world!

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  1. I’m curious about the vintage projector comment. Are you saying that they were in such great shape they didn’t look old or doubting they are vintage?

    Leah Onomatopoeia Reply

    • Ah, sorry! They looked in remarkable shape. The projectors I’m used to seeing are typically at flea markets, and look uber banged up. Usually, their condition is what makes me hesitant to pull the trigger. The projectors you had on display were pristine.

      So to clarify – I didn’t mean to imply they weren’t vintage. I meant to say that they looked so great, they looked almost new!

      avoision Reply

  2. Thanks so much for coming! What a great post and excited to be back August 19th!

    Melissa Sands Reply

    • A very fun event. I’ll have to make sure I save some room next time for pancakes!

      avoision Reply

  3. Great post and thanks for the shot of my booth, I am the one with all the forms and the olive buckets, and all the letters

    Thank you again.

    SB Seccurro

    SBSeccurro Reply

    • Ah, I didn’t realize those were olive buckets. Very neat!

      Thanks for the note. I went back and added a link near the photo, pointing to your FB page.

      avoision Reply

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