Liu Family Dim Sum

The morning after the wedding, we all made a return trip to Hong Kong Flower Lounge Restaurant – the place we had dinner, our first night on arriving.

The Liu family got together to have an early dim sum, and my mom and dad would be switching over… travelling and staying with my Uncle Eddie and his family for a few more days in California.

On arriving, Jasmine was getting very huggy with her cousin Miles (Aileen and Tom’s son).

Of course, this kind of cuteness brought out all the cameras.

My cousins Joanne and Diane, pretending to hug and hamming it up for the cameras. I don’t think they expected me to photograph this, as everyone else was focused on the kids.

Over at the “Adults” table.

My uncle Danny, with Miles, Jasmine and Jahnu.

Lazy Susan Cam videos are always fun! Although I wish my Flip had an adjustable zoom on it.

The Liu fam: L to R it’s Uncle Eddie, my mom, Auntie Garbo and Uncle Danny.

A little before parting ways – another family shot. L to R it’s my dad, my mom, Uncle Charles, Auntie Garbo, Aunt Cindy and my Uncle Eddie.

Dim Sum with Howard
Dim Sum In Chinatown, Phoenix Restaurant
Dim Sum at Shen Yang Restaurant
Lazy Susan Cam, 2005

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