Caribbean Cruise, Day 6: Sea Day

After leaving Aruba, we had two full days of sailing to return to the States. With our land excursions at an end, we spent the rest of our time on board the ship, hanging out.

Liz, soaking up some rays.

Me, pretty much baking in the sun. Where we were located was a bit in the shade, so I left for a while to sit on the other side of the ship. After an hour or so, I came back to rejoin Liz in the shade.

I found it really funny that Liz was on board a cruise ship, in the Caribbean, working on a sweater designed to help her through a Chicago winter. Work work work. Doesn’t she ever punch out?

Me, looking out over the ocean and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Our drinks. Because the best way to beat the heat is to fill yourself up with alcohol.

Our final “formal” dining night. Dan and Katie.

Bob and Julie.

Liz and me.

Up on the 7th floor, looking down. I never did see what these balloons were used for.

Out on the side of the ship, Liz poses with her Nautical Inspired Dress.

After walking around a bit, we decided (around 10:30 PM) to go for a swim. We put on our swim suits, made our way to the pool in the middle of the ship… and hung out in the water for a good hour or so.

We were in the hot tub initially, and it felt pretty good (despite the strong winds all around us). After that, to cool off, we went into the pool. Originally there were maybe 4-5 people there, but by the time we got in… there was only one other guy, slowly doing laps.

The way the pool was rocking, we were getting thrown around a little bit. It was a pretty serious back and forth motion, with water splashing out of the pool at the end of each arc. At its worse, if the swells were strong, you could see up to two rungs on the ladder leading out of the pool.

Despite all the motion, it was actually quite pleasant and pretty fun. I was a bit worried about seasickness, but being tossed around in the pool was apparently no problem for me.

We chatted with the other guy in the pool doing laps, and found out he’s a retired cop and private investigator. He lives out on the east coast, and routinely swims in the open water… so he was loving the swells in the pool.

Liz and I hung out for a while, and made our way back to our rooms. The best part involved us, dripping wet, walking past all the other passengers still dressed in their formal wear. Closing in on midnight, it felt like a fun way to close out the day.

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