Old Flash Examples and the Best Partying, Dancing, Energy Drink Promoting Spokes-Dog I’ve Ever Seen

Superior Web Solutions is an old Flash site that seems to have been around for a good long while. Looking over the design, it’s clearly a relic from the early 2000’s, back when Flash was first making its presence known on the web.

Though the site itself is dated, there is a veritable cornucopia of old Flash examples still available on its portfolio pages. Check out this example page.

Far and away my most favorite and WTF-inducing example is this nightclub intro, featuring an anthropomorphic dog who’s hustling a no-hangover energy drink.

Stay with it, and you will be rewarded.

How strange to see all these examples, and to be reminded of a program I used to work with that was literally my livelihood for many years. I’m thinking a lot about my first ever Flash animation.

Hey. Everyone starts somewhere. Not all of us have fancy talking-dog animations in our portfolio.

Early Morning Anthropomorphism
Midnight Pick-Me-Up

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  1. FELIX! THIS IS PRICELESS!!!! What a great way to start off a Friday than looking at some of THEE most crazy, strange, what-in-the-world, examples of flash! Totally made my morning!

    defqueen Reply

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